Cheese and Wine Party

Reporter: Anne Grimshaw

Cheese and Wine party

The annual cheese and wine party attracted over sixty people with latecomers having to be found chairs and squashed at tables wherever there was room. Caryl Knights and David Taylor were meeting and greeting. It was good to see some new members – Derek and Sheila Cooper, Tony and Lesley Platt, Mr and Mrs Pearson – we hope they enjoyed themselves.

David Burnett had set a picture quiz with 48 photos of Sudbury buildings, architectural features, landmarks and historical sites. These were placed on each team’s table and much discussion ensued about the location of windows, doors, roofs, chimneys and so on. We see them so often but we don’t really look – but we should! Sudbury is such an interesting and lovely town, it cries out to be really looked at, especially at what is above eyelevel. There’s a wealth of fantastic architectural details that give the town character.

Each member of the winning team, the Elderly Flowers (corruption of the label of Elderflower cordial on the table!) took home a bottle of wine.

As always, Diana Clifford had organised the tickets and the food and drink in her usual efficient way, and seemed to have plenty of helpers in the kitchen before and after the buffet.

It was a most enjoyable evening with never a dull moment.