Christmas Call my Bluff

Reporter: Anne Grimshaw

December’s meeting was probably the last time that the Sudbury Society will meet in Friars Hall for the hall, part of the United Reform Church, is to close in January. However, it may be, just may be, that the new owner will allow the hall to be used in future as the Society has been advised to leave in place the pull-down screen, sound system and induction loop that it recently had installed and paid for.

It was, of course, in Friars Hall last year at this time, the Sudbury Society ran a very successful Call my Bluff evening. It was along the lines of the TV panel game which began in 1965 and continued for over 20 years. The TV original comprised two teams of three alternating between giving and guessing the meanings of obscure English words. The Sudbury Society version had six teams of six but was otherwise was the same.

It had been the brainchild of Sue Ayres, Secretary of the Sudbury Society, and as it had been so popular last time. Sue was happy to repeat it.

Once again, it created much merriment – and groans! It really is more difficult than it looks! There are some remarkably good liars in SudSoc! Or perhaps I should say ‘actors’! Everyone was so convincing in providing definitions, true and false, for unheard of words. How about a ‘spuffler’? (Hint: what’s Donald Trump like?) Or ‘Larrigan’? It’s a knee-high boot of oiled leather with a moccasin foot, worn by lumbermen and trappers. Just one word, ‘cassowary’, seemed familiar to most people, these aggressive, emu-like birds having often appeared on TV natural history documentaries.

It was all great fun and much enjoyed by everyone.

Many thanks to those members of the committee and others who helped in preparing food for the finger-food buffet and drinks, organising Christmas decorations, putting up tables and chairs, raffle-prize wrapping and other behind-the-scenes jobs: Lorna Hoey, Bob Andrews, Rosemary Woodward and Liz Fulcher. And, of course, extolment, laudation and ovation to Sue Ayres who once again, chose her words very well indeed.