Christmas Tree Festival

Reporter: Anne Grimshaw

‘Civic Pride’ Christmas Tree

For the first time the Sudbury Society joined in the Christmas Tree Festival in St Peter’s church during the first week of December organised by Sudbury’s two Rotary Clubs from 5-9 December. Beneficiaries this time were the East Anglian Air Ambulance, The Friends of St Peter, who care for the building, and the Rotary Clubs of Sudbury and Sudbury Talbot so they can continue to support a wide range of good causes.

About ninety trees were on display – and what a display it was. This festival always has the ‘wow factor’ particularly when viewed after dark so that the only lights are those on the Christmas trees.

SudSoc’s tree had the theme ‘Civic Pride’ with its decorations being over 100 small photographs of Sudbury’s buildings, architectural features, landmarks and historical sites, each photo being about 2 x 3 inches, laminated to reflect the light and hung on the branches by red satin ribbons. It was topped by a photo of the Corn Exchange (now library) from which SudSoc had its beginnings. The tree base was surrounded by SudSoc Newsletters and membership forms.

It was difficult to photograph the tree in situ at St Peter’s so the photo here shows the tree elsewhere and a close-up of one of the decorations.