It’s Party Time again!

Reporter: Heather Coltman


Christmas seems to come round faster each year and so does the Sudbury Society seasonal social. This year, by kind permission of our Chairman, Peter Thorogood, it was held on Friday 13 December at the Masonic Hall. Between 50 and 60 members came to enjoy drink, nibbles and cheese and pate. Members were kept entertained by a variety of Quizzes during the evening.

For a change, members of the committee had put their thinking hats on and come up with the idea of each member presenting 10 question s-  some themed, some general knowledge and one brainteaser. It kept us all well occupied. Diana (Clifford) started off with general knowledge (some of which was quite obscure!) followed by Anne (Grimshaw) whose theme was horse related then Peter (Mills) taxed us all with sports questions – most of the women groaned and most of the men cheered!

Half way now and it was time to feed the brain a bit with the wonderful selection of cheeses, pates and salads that Diana and her helpers had laid out. When everyone had eaten their fill there was the final selection of questions about Sudbury and general knowledge posed by David Burnett, David Rayner and Caryl Knight. The Brainteaser, compiled by Rod , was on all the tables, and had kept everyone occupied between eating and required very precise knowledge of Sudbury and its environs. When some of the answers were read out there were the inevitable groans that the obvious had not been thought of!

I was lucky enough to be on the winning table so perhaps I am biased but it seemed that everyone had a very good evening and went off happily into the night and looking forward to Christmas.

Many thanks are due to the hard work of all the Committee, helpers and the Chairman for the use of the Masonic Hall.