Reporter: Anne Grimshaw

The Sudbury Society at Sudbury on Show 2015

Sudbury on Show on 7 March in St Peter’s church and Town Hall showcased local charities, voluntary groups and sports clubs of which there are about 200 in the town although not all were on show – but over half of them were!

Lorna Hoey Sud on Show March 2015 b

The event provided an opportunity for the Sudbury Society’s chairman, Lorna Hoey and several members of the Society to meet and greet residents of Sudbury and visitors to the town at our stand in St Peter’s church. I must say that I thought the stand looked most impressive with the three display screens and a new ‘roller-poster’ showing the library, which was the focus of the ‘battle for the corn exchange’ back in 1964 and has been used as the Society’s logo since its inception in 1972.

On display were examples of good modern design and restoration for which the Society instituted the Alan Phillips Award. Examples include the new entrance to the Friends Meeting House on Friars Street, the Corner House on Straw Lane, and the 2010 renovation of the library.

There were photos of significant historic buildings in Sudbury. At present the focus is on Belle Vue House and, to a lesser extent, Walnuttree Hospital.

The Society is not only concerned with old buildings. As a civic society, we are concerned with amenities, planning, traffic and such like. The focus of that is Belle Vue Junction and how it could be improved aesthetically and pedestrian-/traffic-wise. Another focus is the proposed housing development at Chilton Woods.

The Society’s stances on these three were displayed (see box). These generated much interest, so much so that we ran out all of the new membership leaflets which we had brought with us and signed up a new member on the spot. We also sold copies of David Burnett’s wonderful book Sudbury: the unlisted heritage and even a couple of copies of my notes on Belle Vue House.

The Society has a seat on the Sudbury Steering Group and is on the mailing of the Town Team (see box).

There is no doubt that people in Sudbury are interested in the town and what happens here. Indeed, the newer the resident, the more they seem to like the place. Which, of course, is why people join the Sudbury Society.