Sudbury Society AGM – 2018

Reporter: Nicki Dixon

Friday 23 March 2018, All Saints Church Hall, Sudbury


Members were welcomed by outgoing chairman, Lorna Hoey who read apologies for absence and asked for the adoption of the minutes from the AGM of Friday March 24 2017. The minutes were adopted.

Treasurer Ian Lidell gave his finance report and Lorna Hoey gave her chairman’s report before announcing the committee had stepped down in order for new members to be selected.

Chairman – Prof John French was proposed and seconded and took over as chairman of the Sudbury Society from Lorna Hoey, who he thanked for her hard work.

Ian Liddell will continue as treasurer and committee members are now Liz Fulcher, Sue Ayres, Nicki Dixon, Pat Laithwaite and Amanda Reavell.