◊ Visit to Copped Hall – 26/6/15

Reporter: Anne Grimshaw

The SudSoc visit to Copped Hall was most enjoyable –  a delight, especially on a beautiful sunny day. What a good job that architect and trustee Alan Cox was able to step in and thwart the developers (aka vandals in this case) to breathe life into the old house in such an imaginative and interesting way. It took nine years to save the house and gardens, eventually proving that people power, combined with the logic, passion, realism and co-operation to make a strong case, can ‘win’. (Can you think of a house in Sudbury where this might apply??)  Alan Cox and his fellow trustees are to be congratulated on their tenacity and patience.

What a curious motto below the sundial on the pediment of the house: LUMEN ME REGIT VOS UMBRA. The light guides me, the shadow you. (But what if ‘you’ also have this motto on your sundial? Who is being guided by what? Or am I missing the point?!)

The visit was a huge success and I have 108 photos to prove it!

For background see: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/gardenprojects/3318465/Past-historic-future-perfect.html