Walking Quiz

Reporter: Anne Grimshaw

Walking quiz June 2015 New Street insurance plaque 2 close up

The 10 June was the first of the Sudbury Society’s summer events. This took the form of a walking quiz starting at the Gainsborough statue and involving following a route and answering questions about what was to be seen. Compiled by Rod Gray who has a penchant for the quirky and the cryptic when it comes to quiz questions, he did not disappoint! I think there were about fifteen people taking part in teams of three or four who set of about 6.30pm. My team consisted of Judy Bryant and Tina Read.

Of course, it involved following the instructions for the route then looking closely for anything that might answer the question. Rod had given us a nice easy one to start: head down Market Hill to Friars Street – Shop for an Olympic sport? Javelin, of course! Then things got more difficult: Who claims to be the best in the UK? This took a bit of finding then we spotted it on a sign on the side of the Town Hall for a kebab shop in Gaol Lane!

There were, of course, ones we just could not get including “Where do you find Atlantic Plastics?” We gave up on that but, if I remember rightly, the answer was on water pipes or manhole covers or something.We should have looked down instead of up!

It was while we were running around with paper and pencil and obviously looking for something that my team was twice stopped by passers-by and asked if we needed help! It wasn’t a matter of knowing Sudbury or being clued up on the town’s history so it didn’t matter how long you had lived here. It relied on observation and, judging from the results, most people were pretty observant.

Rod pitched it right with the winning score of 25 (Chair of the Sudbury Society Lorna Hoey and her team) with my team and others scoring 24. The prize was drinks for the winning team.

The route finished at the Black Boy where we enjoyed sandwiches and a drink. It was great fun – everyone enjoyed it. Another walking quiz again next year, Rod?

One question was  Which terrace has a ‘Royal’ connection? (This was in New Street.)

We could see an old insurance plate ‘Royal’ so it had to be this terrace. All we could see was ECG 1862 – presumably the builder’s initiasl, probably Grimwood – but what was the name of the terrace? It’s there in tiny letters in the single light-coloured brick below the fancy brickwork course. It is LINTON TERRACE. ( See the photo at the beginning of this report.)