Get involved with new book on Listed Buildings

There are nearly 250 listed buildings in Sudbury. The Sudbury Society are currently putting together a new book,  A Brief Look at the Listed Buildings of Sudbury – a snapshot of what we have now, and a window onto Sudbury’s past.

As part of the process of putting this book together we are keen to hear from and involve the owners of these properties or people that may have had past links with them. Maybe you are one of these people?

We need material – in the form of good photos of internal and external features, and perhaps photos of bits of ephemera that might be associated with the building-  maybe  old deeds, letters, photographs? Plus anecdotes!

We need to hear what you may know of the history of yours or even other buildings in the town that might not be common knowledge. For instance, if it is a house did it have a former use as a pub or a shop? Perhaps you know who lived there in the distant past?

If you think you have interesting material please email me – or phone 373710.

Robin Drury