How important is an anchor?

(Our planning group is pressing  the owner of the new Javelin shop in Friars Street to reconsider  plans to remove the attractive pub sign from the facade of what was formerly The Anchor PH.)

The sign and its marvellous shadow

The Anchor Friars Street Sudbury

Our Planning Committee has positively supported your proposals both for the new frontage and for the proposed work to the original building. We are very pleased with the finished work to the former.

However we are very concerned at the proposed removal of the fine Anchor sign. We have supported your proposed new signage but very strongly urge you to retain the original even at the cost of rearranging the planned signage. It is a familiar reminder of the town’s past, many we are sure will be sad to notice its disappearance and we dare to suggest that your frontage will lose some its distinctiveness without it.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Thorpe

Chairman Sudbury Society Planning Group