Lorna Hoey – our ‘Chair Elect’

Hoey Lorna


The Sudbury Society now has a new ‘Chair Elect’ in Lorna Hoey having been without a Chairman since Peter Thorogood stepped down after three years in the post.

Lorna is something of the new kid on the block but has been a committee member for a while.

Says Lorna, “I love Sudbury – it’s a great little town with a character all its own. And when I discovered the Sudbury Society, with aims which included the promotion of sensitive care of our historic architecture and our wonderful resources like the Water Meadows and the riverside, I joined at once.

“I relish the chance to make an active contribution, also, to the Society’s community concerns, such as transport and parking, and the future of Walnuttree Hospital.  Now I will be heading a great team to further the work of the Sudbury Society, including the planning of an exciting programme of speakers for 2015.

“Unlike our Thomas Gainsborough who stated that he wished to ‘enjoy the fag end of life in quietness and ease’, I am looking forward to leading on a new phase in the life of the Society – continuing the work, but with new projects and interests.”

There is also a new Membership Secretary, Tina Read, who had stepped in after the sad and untimely death of Caryl Knights. Sam Thornton, one of Sudbury’s leading estate agents is to be co-opted onto the committee and will bring an expert and professional eye to planning, buildings and suchlike. Despite these posts being filled mid-term, they will, of course, all come up for election as usual at the AGM in March.