14 School Street

B/13/00678/FHA  14 School Street

This application for replacement windows is being made because the terrace is protected by an Article 4(2) Direction. The application in its present form, for upvc windows, should be refused. We feel that despite the Direction this terrace has not been managed well. No 18 has upvc windows and the upgraded timber windows are of excessively large sections. Fortunately the original front doors have not been replaced by pseudo Georgian versions.

There is a wider issue here since there now are few intact terraces remaining. We have expressed concern about the future of the one in Church Street and a few days ago the middle house of the short terrace in Acton Square, 8,9,10,  had upvc windows fitted, plus the front door. Perhaps you should look at this one and consider whether this Direction should be extended to all domestic properties in the Conservation Area to prevent further damage to the town’s heritage.