40 Girling Street, Halifax and Argos North Street

B/12/10/41/FUL  40 Girling Street

We support the applicant’s wish to retain the rooflights on the street facing pitch. There are rooflights elsewhere along the street frontage and we feel the original condition was unnecessary. This only serves to encourage the government in its mistaken view of the planning system as an obstructive bureaucracy.

B/12/01045/ADV   B/12/01046/LBC  Halifax  North Street

Internally illuminated signs are contrary to District Council policy in the conservation area. We feel that the surround to the ATM is garish and along with the signs in the main window diminishes the modest façade of this listed building. Informal discussion with the planning officer in advance of the application would have clarified matters and would have saved time and money.

B/12/01060/ADV  Argos  North Street

It is not clear whether the new fascia is to be illuminated internally (see Halifax) or externally as now. The two promotional boards on the flank elevation ought to be included in the application. This building has very limited architectural merit but it is within the conservation area.

(After sending this to Babergh we realised that the work applied for had already been carried out. Big companies such as Argos often apply retrospectively – we feel that this makes a mockery of the planning system.