47 North Street, 18-22 Hillside Road 98 Ballingdon St 20 Gainsboro Rd

B/12/00930/FUL    47 North Street

We support this change of use application which will restore this corner site to regular use. (Note: as a medical practice)

B/12/01058/FUL   Rear of 18-22 Hillside Road ( Note: site is now rear gardens backing onto Newton Road)

We opposed the earlier proposals for this site, one refused, the other withdrawn.

Although this proposal reduces the number of houses to two and now avoids the bleak parking space fronting Newton Road we still oppose it.

The loss of three trees, which is a material consideration since they are outside the site, disrupts what is still a pleasant entry into the centre of town. Similar proposals which may follow if this application is successful will further disrupt it.

The access to the garages at the rear consumes an unreasonably large proportion of the site and results in a very awkward garden to house 2.

B/12/01097/LBC  St Marys 98 Ballingdon Street (Note: two new door to rear; wooden gates to road.)

We support this application particularly the new garage gates which will deal with the intrusive corrugated roof.

B/12/01100/FHA  20 Gainsborough Road  (Note: This development would open onto Beaconsfield Road)

We have doubts about this proposed development – a three bay garage/carport with a games room above, not so much its reasonable design and function so much as its size in relation to adjoining garages which are set back from the road rather than very close to it as this is.

If this is approved there may well be similar future proposals which will have the effect of turning the road into a hard edged mews. Would you find this acceptable in the Conservation Area?

B/12/00998/TPO  Sports Ground Friars Street

We saw this application on 28 August 2012. It seemed reasonable to us to deal with the two lime trees in Quay Lane. This work has yet to be done but the trees within the ground and fronting Friars Street have just been drastically dealt with – although they will regrow in time the impact is very bleak with the utility poles and wirescape more prominent than before. Are these trees covered by a TPO? A response from you would be appreciated.