Tescos , Harp Close Meadow

B/12/01163/FUL   Hand car wash at Tescos

Another water consuming car wash in the town. Tesco already have an automatic one on the site. We appreciate that this is a means to increase custom but we would like to see the water recycling conditioned rather than “considered”. We are not impressed by the quality of design as submitted.

B/12/01198/OUT   Development of Harp Close Meadow

We are pleased that the consultation process has improved the original proposals.

The welcome use of energy and space efficient terrace houses has made for a more coherent layout with houses grouped around parking areas. The landscaping has been improved with open space to the northern part of the site and fronting Waldingfield Road, with planting along the edge against  the undisturbed Acton Lane and screening the earlier development.

Our concern is with the maintenance of these well considered outline proposals through the detailed planning application and construction stages. These proposals and the approach set out in the Planning Statement should be incorporated in the brief for the competing development bidders. Much recent development in Sudbury, with few exceptions, is tired and unimaginative with little sense of place. There is the opportunity here to achieve a truly modern development which nevertheless belongs to South Suffolk and provides an exemplar for the Chilton Woods and other future developments. Policy HS 14 – “All new housing development is expected to be of a high standard of layout and design” – should be translated here from an optimistic hope to built reality.

The development should be intrinsically “green” making effective use of orientation and fenestration with substantial insulation, sustainable materials, recycling of rainwater and grey water. It should be properly accessible to everyone.

The play areas are now better sited but although overlooked to an extent we would still wish to see scope within the development for play by younger children under informal supervision by parents and neighbours. This would be encouraged by an absence of hard edged kerbs to roads, traffic surfaces specified ( eg brick or block paving) to discourage speed and of course a 20mph speed limit. See Manual for Streets 7.2.8-15 Shared surface streets and squares.

We would like to see proposals for the maintenance of the carefully conceived landscaping and play areas.

The provision of cycle routes within the development is welcome but some advance provision for the cycle route from Chilton into the town would also be welcome. We note the proposed pedestrian crossing further up Waldingfield Road but the junction of this road and Alder Way, at present potentially hazardous, needs serious attention.

These comments are in respect of the planning application. The Society reserves its position on whether such development should take place.