Pizza Express Market Hill, Community Health Centre

B/12/01018/ADV  Pizza Express 37 Market Hill

(We opposed the original application for internally illuminated signage.)

We are not persuaded by this Amendment. We welcome the externally illuminated hanging sign but we still feel that the externally illuminated roundel disrupts the first floor of this modest façade of a listed building and should be dispensed with.

B/11/00830/FUL  Community Health Centre Churchfield/Waldingfield Road

(This application covered a wide range of amendments to the original application.)

We note the amendments to the Waldingfield Road crossing but feel that as well as protecting motorists from pedestrians “dashing across” there should be some means of alerting motorists such a well detailed and surfaced raised crossing. We are concerned about the approach to the Centre by visitors on foot, cycle and scooter particularly in negotiating the roundabout, always a tricky and potentially hazardous procedure. This is outside the site but is a critical issue nonetheless and we would like to see evidence that it will be addressed before completion. We note there is no crossing of Churchfield Road at the main entrance.

We submitted comments on 29 July 2011 and we trust these are still on file and are being seriously addressed.

Among them were –

Security and storage facilities for cyclists – how will they function?

Wayfinding within the building particularly from the entrance hall

Apparent lack of visitors’  toilets within the GP area, requiring them to return to the entrance area and then retrace their steps, an unnecessary journey for those with impaired mobility and a risky one for those with poor sense of direction. We assume that the access group OPTUA have addressed this and the previous issue but we would welcome confirmation. Are the group’s comments publicly available?

Parking and transport – will there be parking charges? What provision will there be for visitors unable to walk or cycle to the Centre and without access to a car?