‘Deepside’ Queens Close, Lloyds Bank Market Hill

B/12/00531/OUT    ‘Deepside’,  Queens Close

We welcome the reduced extent of this proposed amended development but the information provided seems to be so sketchy – no proper sections or plans – that we feel unable to comment further. We understand that the development on the adjacent, Dunedin,  site has been approved on appeal and we would suggest the combined street frontage may be excessive for the existing Close.

B/13/00186/ADV    Lloyds Bank  30 Market Hill,  Replacement signage

We note that signs 1 and 2 comprise internally illuminated letters and that the projecting sign 4 is also internally illuminated, all in contravention of planning policy in the Conservation Area. We are also concerned about the impact of the illuminated sign 7 sited inside the window.