Lloyds Bank 30 Market Hill, Sports Direct 12 North Street



B/13/00186/ADV    B/13/00321/LBC  Lloyds Bank  Market Hill

We are pleased to see a reduction in the amount of internally illuminated signage but we would wish to see it fully eliminated, ie the sign suspended in the porch, sign 8, and the signs,7, sited behind the ground floor windows. The internal illumination of these signs will detract from the qualities of this fine Grade 2 listed building.

B/13/00395/ADV  Sports Direct 12 North Street

We are pleased to see, finally, an application. While the projection of the fascia was sadly allowed previously the illumination is contrary to local planning authority in the Conservation Area. We would add that the size of the lettering is grossly out of scale in its context and we would wish to see it less strident. The shop windows no longer display the factually incorrect “Closing Down Sale” and we would suggest that better lettering and an attractive display would improve the trading success of this business.