‘Grove Gables’ Middleton Road, Shared path Cornard Road

B/13/00836/FHA  Extension to Grove Gables Middleton Road

We welcome and commend this modern approach to extending and revitalising the existing and rather tired chalet bungalow, and hope it will be recommended for approval.

Shared Path Cornard Road 

(This is a proposal to construct a shared use path along the west side of  Cornard Road running roughly from the roundabout junction with Cats Lane to just beyond Stephen Walters)

While it would be churlish to question the merits of this provision of a measure of safety for cyclists we do wonder where it fits within the Local Plan’s wider strategy for encouraging cycle use within the town. Kings Hill and the further length of Cornard Road towards Belle Vue arguably present more risks to cyclists than the short stretch proposed. Experienced cyclists do question the merits of short stretches of designated safe path which end by directing them back into the path of traffic.