Brundon Lane/Bulmer Road Housing


B/1300917/OUT  Brundon Lane/Bulmer Road Housing Development

We see no reason to significantly amend our response submitted on 6 September 2013 but have commented on some of the points raised by the Town Council in rejecting the application

Affordable housing – this is the standard developers’ response, that their inclusion makes their proposal uneconomic. Their case needs to be convincingly refuted.

Play area  – now provided but needs a second access point to supplement the one in the far corner. We question such distant provision which requires parents to ensure their children are accompanied and supervised. Play facilities overlooked by parents and neighbours would seem a better solution but it would be a radical one with its effect on street and communal space design.

Highways etc – site lines have been amended presumably to satisfy Highways. The pavements are no narrower than others in the vicinity. It is not reasonable to hold up development of this derelict and unsightly site until the oil and waste disposal sites are relocated – this is for Babergh (and Suffolk?) to resolve within a realistic  time scale.

We do not understand the overshadowing comment but it would one assumes be aggravated by setting back from Bulmer Road unless the development is reduced in scale – at the risk of it becoming uneconomic.

Bins – this concern of ours does not seem to have been satisfactorily resolved. Are the bin stores indicated to accommodate residents’ wheelie bins? They should be accommodated neatly and unobtrusively at each dwelling.