B/14/0072/FUL  10-12 CORNARD ROAD

This proposal to change the use of this building to 8 bedrooms with limited shared communal facilities may meet an established local need for residential accommodation of this nature and should be welcomed but there is no supporting statement clarifying this.

B/13/01221/LBC The Anchor Friars Street  Existing Sign
We have consistently opposed the removal of this sign and this proposed compromise – to retain the bracket for use with the new sign, with the original being donated to either the Sudbury Society or the Town Council – is unacceptable. The Society does not have any  property and in the case of the Town Council if the sign could be placed in the cellar, there most likely it would remain, an unseen relic. The sign is a striking and much loved feature of the street scene and should remain attached to this building, which will be diminished by its removal.