Mulberry House Stour Street and 47 North Street

B/15/00805/FUL Mulberry House Stour Street
( Mulberry House sits on the corner of Stour Street and Gregory Street)
We are concerned at the increase in the number of residents living in the Mulberry Court/Warner House complex and the consequent reduction in amenity space each tenant will enjoy. This is also an important wildlife habitat in the centre of town. Moreover no effort has been made to explain the need for the extra accommodation.
This site lies in the heart of the ancient Iron Age/ Saxon/early Medieval town. If development is approved it should be made conditional upon prior archaeological investigation of the  site. Just to say that nothing has been discovered misses the point entirely – nobody has looked.
B/15/00911/FUL 47 North Street
No 47 is Locally Listed both for its historical importance and its contribution to the character of the Sudbury townscape. It comprises the former Victorian baker’s corner shop, bakery and three storey corn mill. It has lain empty for far too long and whilst we note the comments of the Economic Development Officer, which imply the possible need for further marketing, we feel that it would only lead to further delay and deterioration in the fabric of the buildings.
Although he site lies outside the area covered by the Babergh Local Plan it adjoins area SD08 where  residential development is included as an option.
We welcome these proposals which will breathe fresh life into these old buildings and the minor changes to the New Street frontage which will improve their appearance. We urge speedy approval of this application.
David Burnett for Stephen Thorpe