DC/21/00357 | Standby Energy Generation Facility. Chilton Industrial Estate

DC/21/00357 | Planning Application. Erection of plant and machinery for development and operation of a Standby Energy Generation Facility. (Resubmission of withdrawn application DC/20/02035) | Land North East Of Church Field Road Chilton Industrial Estate Chilton Sudbury Suffolk CO10 2DZ

The Sudbury Society writes in support of this application on the assumption that the installation will meet noise and pollution standards for this type of installation.

This support is based upon the fact that electricity from renewable sources (chiefly solar and wind) is intermittent and this project is required to cope with demands for power at peak periods to prevent power outages.

The concerns of local interests over issues of noise and pollution should be a condition of any approval.

Sam Thornton
For and on behalf of the Sudbury Society

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