Latest SFP column article – November 2020


Here is a copy of this month’s Sudbury Society column in the local press. It refers to public consultation on plans for Market Hill which consist of an online survey due by mid December which we encourage you to view and express your views. Our Planning Sub-committee led by Sam Thornton will also be canvassing members so as to present a Sudbury Society view. You can contact them on


Calling all Sudburians!

Although we are still unable to host our face to face monthly meetings in this ‘new normal’, the society’s planning sub committee are busy at the present time dealing with some important issues which will impact on the town as a whole.

We are very keen to gather the views and ideas of as many local people as we can, whether members or not, on these issues – and we need your input.


It is clear that views on these proposals are very varied and the sub committee are charged with establishing the views of a cross section of our members, to establish a formal position for the Society. However as the proposals will affect the heart of our town for the next 20 years and beyond, we encourage ANYONE who cares for Sudbury to look at the proposals and pass your comments on to the powers that be.

There are many things to think about and here are some questions to prompt a debate:

Do you consider the proposals will enhance the Centre of our town, or do you think that they will impact the viability of the shops surrounding the Market Hill?

Will the planting of trees obstruct the views of St Peters and the stunning range of buildings around the Market Hill?

Will the proposals slow the passage of vehicles through the town centre?

Do you think there are sufficient uses for the large open space to remain vibrant on non-Market days?

What would you like the heart of Sudbury to look and feel like? If you have children or grandchildren, ask them too! They have as much, if not more, of a stake in this as anyone.

Please participate by checking out current proposals and sharing your views – details are at:


An application has been submitted for the development of 8 terraced houses on the garden fronting Hamilton Road which lies to the rear of the Grade 2* listed building fronting Market Hill.

The sub committee are currently considering a response but this cannot be taken in isolation and has to be influenced by the eventual proposals for the Hamilton Road area in general. There has been mention of a cinema, retail mixed with residential flats above, moving the proposed new hotel site from Bellevue Park to the Hamilton Road area (since talks with Premier Inn collapsed as a result of lockdown) but no detailed proposals have yet emerged.

The Hamilton Road site is owned by Babergh District Council who are the decision maker on the current Lloyds Bank garden application. Please look at the application on the Babergh planning website: DC/20/03584

With the recent excellent news that St Peters have been awarded the Heritage Lottery grant for repairs and redevelopment, there are reasons for cheer amidst grim economic forecasts due to covid and (possibly) a no deal brexit. It’s vital that we try to be as strong and united as a local community as we can as we move forward, supporting our local shops and businesses, looking out for neighbours, letting older and younger members of the community lead as full lives as possible.

The nature of our shared public spaces at the centre of town do shape how we behave towards each other and our sense of community. We urge you all to take an interest in current and future planning proposals for Market Hill, Hamilton Road and Bellevue Park and to share your ideas so the next generation inherit a Sudbury they can be proud to call home.