Sudbury Photo Gallery

Sudbury is a thriving market town with a long history. Before the Roman Conquest an Iron Age settlement occupied the defensible spur of high ground, roughly between the Croft and Stour Street.  The development of the present town began in the Middle Saxon period and the semi-circular street pattern to the west of Market Hill represents successive expansions of the town in late Saxon and Norman times.

The written history of the town began when Sudbury was mentioned in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle of 797AD; the town’s entry in Domesday Book in 1086 records a church, a mill and the meadows which remain such an attractive feature of the town today.

The medieval woollen cloth industry, the coming of the River Navigation and then the Railway, the 19th century silk industry, all helped to generate prosperity and contributed to the diverse buildings heritage which is Sudbury’s pride. This website can only give a sample of the buildings which make up that fine heritage. In addition to buildings we will include other features of the town which are also part of the town’s heritage.  The images in the Gallery are displayed below in a series of pages. The  boxes on the right can be used to sort and view images which fall into  a particular category – just tick the appropriate boxes and then click  on ‘Filter’. All images are displayed  as thumbnails – click on the title of a photo to bring up a full size image on your screen.