Black Boy barn behind Market Hill

DC/19/04327 Barn at rear of Black Boy PH 8 Market Hill Sudbury


We have been concerned for many years about the dilapidated condition of this building and have supported previous unsuccessful attempts to renovate the structure and give it a new lease of life.


However we have concerns about the lack of information provided in the current proposals. Apparently the whole roof of this listed building is going to be removed and replaced. Surely we should expect a detailed survey of the structure, explaining the reasons for its removal? Again there are no drawings showing the design of the new replacement roof and its means of structural support. There are no clear details of the fenestration for the building and for this type of restoration we would expect to see far more detail to support an application on a listed building. In truth the plans which have been attached for this application are inadequate for any building in the conservation area and for a listed building totally inadequate.

We would also like to see a detailed site plan showing the restored buildings with the entrance marked and any landscaping indicated. A scan from Google is hardly adequate! And we do not believe it complies with the required procedures.

Finally we note that work is already underway on the building even though planning permissions has not yet been granted.

Yours sincerely

Sam Thornton

David Burnett

Sudbury Society Planning Group