Recent Planning Responses

The Sudbury Society Planning Committee have been busy reviewing all applications that are relevant to the Society's purposes. Babergh Planning do consult with the Society on various planning applications, particularly any that fall within the town's conservation area.

We will endeavour to update members with our responses via the members newsletter.

Recent responses include:

Support application DC/22/00417 Land at AFC Sudbury (Bridge Project) The Sudbury Society have reviewed the application and consider this to be a good use for this piece of land, noting that it would be welcome if the access road could be improved without impacting negatively on the PROW.

Object application DC/22/02733 - 99 North Street Sudbury. No. 99 is one of the most conspicuous retail sites in Sudbury. From the bottom of North Street it looks out also over East Street, Old Market Place and St Peter’s Church, slap in the centre of town and its Conservation Area. To allow a betting shop with a totally blank, sterile façade to be sited here would be a disgrace and a blight on the streetscape of this medieval town. There is already a Betfred outlet directly opposite the site, and small though this one is, having a second one at this crossroads of the town will be a further offence on the eye.

Support application DC/22/00985 Entrance to Belle Vue Park, however with great concerns about the proposed pedestrian crossing over Cornard Road.

Object application DC/22/02770 2 Market Hill, Sudbury

Object application DC/22/02879 The Leys, Melford Road, Sudbury

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