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  1. pj

    Parking I like girling st carpark , I have ms , and I don’t have to walk so far, and this car park is always busy, I thought that would mean something, I wonder how many passing thru drivers actually stop too shop coz its convenient.be interesting to know, bus station can’t the lorry park be used,? Or make the train station carpark be enlarged. Or even put bus parking where it use to be on kings? Hill I mean outside the shops boots greggs buses stopped there a long time ago , could someone do a plan of the bus station now, incorporating the old builders building..or how about shortening the railway line and widen it some how for buses? How about pulling the town hall down and have bus station there, do away with council vandals after all they always do what they want and not what you want, look at that bridge ugh, whats the electricity bill for all those lights, they should go to poundland and buy some £1 solar lights , I best go ad I will just moan and moan

  2. Bill

    Well the Sudbury Steering Committee after spending about 18 month on the Bell Vue Junction and have said there were going ahead with improvements to it have don another of their many U turns and decided nothing can be done. This junction is already overloaded yet the Sudbury Steering Committee want to make it worse by moving the bus station too an unsuitable location and Chilton Woods will add a lot more traffic on to this junction

    Looking at the traffic flows the second largest flow is from the Cornard road to Great Eastern road, One obvious thing is to take a road through from the Cornard road to the Great Eastern road/Station road area. The road could mainly run alongside the railway line

    The long term solution is a bypass but who knows when and if that ill ever happen

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