The pillboxes along the river were part of a long 'stop line' erected in 1940. It was intended to delay any German invasion force advancing on London from a landing on the East Coast. They were made of concrete faced in brick and were placed on the western edge of the river. Today they stand derelict but serve as reminder of a grave time of national emergency. There are nine in our area at gridrefs. 1. TL 8641 4227 2. TL 8674 4214 3. TL 8683 4199 4. TL 8668 4161 5. TL 8664 4119 6. TL 8688 4076 7. TL 8717 4064 8. TL 8748 4075 . The image shows the pillbox on the edge of the Commonlands, next to the weir and former 'salmon staircase'.
9. TL 8781 4091

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