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Our distinctive and attractive townscape is a mix of buildings from many periods. Most people are aware of the fine old buildings in the town, dating from the 15th through to the early 19th Century. These are considered to be of such national architectural or historic importance that they have been given a statutory Grade 1 or Grade 2 listing.

However there are many other unlisted buildings in Sudbury which contribute to the unique interest and variety of the local townscape, some of which also have local historical interest. Many date from the late 19th/early 20th century. A number of these buildings were identified in “Sudbury, Suffolk the unlisted heritage” written in 2002 by our then Chairman David Burnett. They subsequently formed the basis of the Sudbury Local List, adopted by Babergh District Council in 2004.

Many visual changes have taken place since 2004 including the installation of upvc windows and doors, wall mounted satellite dishes and rooftop solar panels. All reflect the natural desire of owners to modernize their properties but they can have a significant impact on the appearance of a building. The Society felt that it was time to update the Local List and this revised list was adopted by Babergh District Council in …………… We have included some buildings missed from the original list along with some modern buildings of merit. Inevitably some our choices may not be to everybody’s taste but we hope that overall this revised Local List will command general support.

Suggestions for owners of Locally Listed buildings can be found by clicking on ‘Advice’ on our Home Page. Please use ‘Contact us’ if information given on a building is incorrect e.g. date of construction


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