Melford Road – east side

Development on this side of the road came rather later than on the west side and the houses were large middle class villas  occupied by people ‘in trade’ – a grocer, ironmonger and a draper- and professional /white collar workers including a solicitor, revenue officer and schoolmaster.This was known as the “shilling” side of the street in contrast to the “sixpenny” west side! The dominating line of villas, stretching from York Road to Woodall Road, is a significant element in the Sudbury townscape. Nos 4-12 are unlisted but lie within the Sudbury Conservation Area. The Society has put all the properties Nos 4-74 Melford Road on the Sudbury Local List  for their group value but have selected  a number for individual comment.

(Footnote: the visual impact of these villas would be greatly improved if utility companies could be persuaded to put the forest of wires underground as was done in Ballingdon Street.)

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